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The Company

Sometimes, when it comes to supplying energy to a great building site or to renovating the plants of a large building, a company alone is not sufficiently structured. As a matter of fact, only a firm and certified know-how, together with experience gained over the years ... Read more

The services

Collaboration between Brunold and Pernthaler allows Electrogroup to provide two organized and independent structures and two young, expert and tight-knit teams. In practice, a reliable professional partner working in the field of electric plant engineering and of photovoltaic systems. Read more


At present electric power plays an important role and is increasingly representing a bright future. All of us – Electrogroup, Brunold, Pernthaler and BP Solarenergy – give our contribution everyday so that future can be nearer and nearer. Read more


Electrogroup Tec is now on YouTube

We have created a dedicated channel that allows watching the video of some of our installations. To access the channel, simply type electrogroup tec in the search box of www.youtube.com website and click on the related link.

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